Meetings have been put on temporary hold until some technical troubles have been fixed with the karaoke machine. Sorry!
KaraokeWelcome to the website of the
Rutgers University Karaoke Club

We're a Rutgers club that meets 9:30-11:30 PM every other Tuesday in Murray 112 (CAC) to sing karaoke.

To see what our meetings are like, here are pictures and videos. Also check out RU-TV's report available in Windows Media and Real Media formats. (Skip to 10 min in to see our section of the show.)

Membership is open to all Rutgers students with no membership dues. If you're interested in our club, or just love karaoke (as everyone does), you can read more about us in our constitution.

If you're really interested in our club and want a seat on the Executive Board, we're currently looking for a Webmaster. Details are in the constitution above.

E-mail us if you want to be contacted about our meetings or have any questions about the club. Also, if you're registered with, join our group, the RU Karaoke Club.

Club e-mail:
Laszlo Oroszvary
Vice President:
Grace Rich

Carolina Espinosa

Membership Director:

Mark Cruz


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